A Private Physics Tutor’s 5 Tips To Master A Level Physics


Ask anyone in Singapore what the toughest A Level subject is and you’ll definitely hear Physics as an answer. While Physics is a hard subject to master, it is not impossible to do so and get the good grades you want.

Here are some tips from our private Physics tutors at Knowledge Tap to help you excel in A Level Physics:

1. Enroll in good physics tuition classes

Most Singaporean students who are struggling with Physics will turn to tuition as a way to help improve their understanding and excel in their exams. However the quality of tuition that you receive can differ depending on the centre, online tuition, or private tutor you engage. It is important to enroll in a tuition class that suits your learning style, so that you can get the most out of your sessions.

Here at Knowledge Tap our Learning Management System (LMS) offers 24/7 access to study materials to help you learn anytime and anywhere. The LMS even includes video lessons and PDF lessons to suit a variety of learning styles.

2. Focus on meaningful memorisation techniques

Rote memorisation can only get you so far in your A Level Physics course– you need to learn how to apply the concepts properly as well. On top of clarifying questions with tutors and teachers, you need to take the initiative to use active recall strategies in your revision.

When memorising basic equations or formulas, make sure to regularly refer to sample problems so you have an example of how that equation is applied. For example when making flashcards to test your recall, 1 side of the card can be a sample problem and the other side can be the name of the concept involved.

3. Dedicate regular study hours in your schedule

The A Level exams are a marathon, not a sprint, and regular revision is important for improving your recall and confidence in a subject over time. While not everyone enjoys studying, having a schedule allows you to gauge how much time you need, how much time you have left, and what are your weaknesses that you haven’t tackled yet.

4. Pay attention and take notes during Physics tuition

We know that it can be tiring to attend tuition classes on top of your regular school classes. However do not let the opportunity to catch up on your knowledge gaps go to waste! As tuition class sizes are smaller, this means you get a chance to have your questions answered immediately.

5. Practice as much as possible before an exam

Try out as many mock tests or past-year test papers as soon as possible. This will help you get exposure to the common question types and formats so you feel more confident during your actual exam.

Knowledge Tap’s LMS also includes test questions organised by topic so you can focus on weak spots, as well as a way for students to send in their questions and get a video response back within 24 hours. We also release a publicly available question weekly on the LMS although only students or those who pay for the LMS will get exclusive access to the answer.

Improve your Physics with Knowledge Tap Academy

The A Level Physics tutors here at Knowledge Tap will help break down complicated concepts into simple terms to ensure that all students have a good foundation for understanding. We believe in real-time learning and our tutors are always willing to explain concepts immediately so you don’t feel confused or lost while the class is ongoing.


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