Group Tuition or Private Tuition, Which is better?

Which Is Better - Group Tuition or Private Tuition

Traditionally, tuitions were meant for students who were weak in the subject. However, today, tuition has become a staple supplement to a student’s learning. Whether you are considering tuition because you are not doing well in the subject or to get extra coaching, the question remains; Which is best for me, group tuition or private tuition? Knowledge Tap Academy is a Physics Tuition Centre which offers both H1 and H2 Physics group and private tuition. Here’s what you need to know to better understand which is suited for you. 


Physics Group Tuition 

Imagine studying with a group of friends after school but with an expert, the Physics tutor. Depending on the tuition centre, the group can be small consisting of 2 to 5 students or a large group, just like what you’d see in schools.  

Generally, a group setting, especially the larger ones, would work best for students who are doing well and is taking up tuition classes for the extra resources and guidance to excel in their A Level Physics. However, contrary to popular beliefs, there are also benefits of studying in a group for all students, including those who are facing difficulty in understanding the subject.  


Support of friends 

The JC curriculum is tough and rigorous, and A Level Physics can be a complex subject to master. One of the reasons why students prefer to enrol in a group is because it can get stressful and having peers who are undergoing the same thing can make students feel more at ease and lean on each other for support. 

As A Level Physics, especially H2 Physics, may be complex, students may not know what they don’t know. Studying together with fellow peers allows all to benefit from each other’s questions. Having a group discussion or even explaining to one another is known to help students strengthen their understanding of the topic.   


Fun and Friendly Competition 

Group tuition tend to be more structured in their lesson delivery. For students who are excelling in the subject, this allows them to have healthy competition with one another by testing out each other’s understanding through discussions and problem solving. Furthermore, having a friend in class would be more fun and less scary for the students. 


More Affordable 

As the tutor is teaching to a group, pricing of the classes would also be cheaper. Often, when students bring in a friend to join the class, both students would get to enjoy a discounted or bundle price. 


At Knowledge Tap Academy, we understand the importance of tailoring our lessons to meet the needs of our students. As such, we focus on teaching smaller and more intimate groups so that our A Level Physics tutors may still customise to the individual needs while conducting the lessons.  


Limitation of Group Tuition 

Each student is unique and learns differently. Our Physics tutors understand that there is no one-size-fits-all teaching method to suit all students. Students may learn at different pace and captures information differently. Students can be visual, auditory or kinesthetics (VAK) learners. 

Most would think that you will not get the attention you need and hence, would prefer private tutoring whereby you have the tutor’s undivided attention. However, at Knowledge Tap Academy, our small class size allows our A Level Physics tutor to provide private consultation to you if you are stuck.  

Our tutors also incorporate all types of teaching which includes visual representation through summarised notes and physical, hands-on approach where students learn from one another through conducting experiments and verbal discussions. 


Private Physics Tuition 

Personal Touch 

One-on-one tuition offers a more personal touch whereby the private Physics tutor focuses on your areas of concern. This means that lessons are personalised to your learning style and pace and all attention is on you, allowing the lessons to be more flexible to target your concerns with the subject. 

Flexible and Convenient 

With a private Physics tutor, there is also flexibility and convenience as tuition can be done at your place and based on your schedule. However, with such customisations, you can expect the pricing for private Physics tuition services to be more expensive than in a group setting. 


At Knowledge Tap Academy, students who study in groups are also given complimentary consultation sessions which works like a private tuition setting. To ensure all students are on par and have good understanding of the subject as their peers, our Physics tutors ensure that students get individual tutoring to catch up with the class before they join the group so that they don’t feel lost or left out. 


If you’re interested to find highly experienced JC H1 & H2 A Level Physics tutor, browse through our website at to learn more about our services. You can also reach us via WhatApp at +65 8862 4735 or fill in the contact form here to enquire and enjoy our complimentary trial lessons to see which would suit you best. 


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