Start Early, Be Exam Ready

KTA Exam Study Tip 3-4

Continuing from last week’s post, Ace those exams, Start with the end in mind, we will share 2 more tips this week for students to be exam ready.


#3: Start Early

We understand how easy it is to put off revising because School, CCAs and Social life takes priority and after a long day at school, you just feel too tired to do any revision. This is especially true for A Level physics students because of the rigorous curriculum.

Starting a new habit is always hard but with consistent effort each day to revise, over time, it gets easier. You may even start to enjoy it! There are numerous studies that indicate benefits of starting revision early. You’d have more time to cover all subjects, discover your weaker topics, practice exam questions and factor in time for rest and relaxation.

You can even consider going for a private tuition to schedule in regular time for you to revise the subject. Having a private Physics tutor, for example, would allow you to check in with the tutor what to take note for that topic, revise and review your area of weakness early. Knowledge Tap Academy even offers online Physics tuition for our busy students to study at their own comfort.


#4: Note Taking & Review

A good note is crucial in your learning. While each class comes with a set of lecturer notes, actively taking notes like indicating main points of the lecture is equally important. Not only are you practicing active listening and understanding, taking notes allow you to focus and organise your thoughts.

Creating your own summary after class can save you the hassle of confusion and time from reading wordy notes in the future. Hence, starting revision early through consistent daily effort is the best way to prepare for your exams.

But if time is not on your side, don’t worry! You can consider joining physical or online Physics tuition classes at Knowledge Tap Academy which offers specially curated notes to help our students learn JC H1 and H2 Physics concepts with ease.


Here are key pointers to a good note taking:

  • Tailor your notes to match the learning objectives of each topic.
  • Organise by main points followed by example of exam questions and details.
  • Add visuals like flowchart for those that has steps.
  • Colour code your notes by highlighting keywords.
  • Put a mark on areas you are confused during the lectures and consult your teacher during tutorials to understand them better.


At Knowledge Tap Academy, we offer comprehensive lessons by highly experienced JC H1 & H2 A Level Physics tutors to help you gain a deep understanding of the topics. This means, you’d learn more effectively and reduce the amount of time you’d need to study independently. Additionally, we enhance our students’ learning outside of class through our advanced Learning Management System, which offers on-demand access to questions and solutions 24/7.


Visit our website at to learn more about our services. You can also reach us via WhatApp at +65 8862 4735 or fill in the contact form here to enquire and enjoy our complimentary trial lessons to see how we can add value to you.


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