Know What You Don’t Know and Seek Help

KTA Exam Study Tips 7 - 8

Continuing from last week’s post, Maximize Your Potential with Past Papers and Study Buddies!, we will share 2 more tips this week for students to be exam ready.


#7: Identify Weak Spots

It’s easy to score when you know what you are doing. So, the best way to build up your marks is to identify your weak areas and work on it. But, how will you know what you don’t know? One way is through practice of A Level exam questions and identifying those tricky questions you are not sure of. Another is through group study and testing each other out. That way, you’ll realise what you don’t know from your friends.


#8: Consult Teachers

Once you’ve identified what you don’t know, it’s time to seek help. Consult in either your lecturers in JC or a private tutor. Sometimes, all you need is a little different perspective on the topic for you to understand it better. That’s why most students seek out a private tutor or engage in A level tuition services.


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