June Holiday Study Plan: To Rest or Catch up?

9 Jun_June Holiday Study Plan.
Have you ever felt that the holidays go by so fast? Many JC students would want to take advantage of the June Holidays to catch up on revision and sleep because of the rigorous nature of JC curriculum. So, how could you spend this June effectively? Over the next few weeks, we will share with you tips to enjoy and revise at the same time, starting with creating an effective holiday study plan!  

#1: You know yourself best
Before we can plan, determine your needs. For example, you’d need to sleep, study, eat, go out with friends and family, etc. Allocate estimated hours per day for each category. Next, note down your study needs. Here are some questions for you to ask yourself to determine your current study needs and learning styles:
  • Are you struggling with any subjects taught in school or is there any topics you can’t keep up with in school?
  • Do you study best alone or with friends?
  • Do you study best in the morning, afternoon, or night?
  • What study materials do you have? (e.g. past exam papers, holiday assignments, lecture notes, etc)
  • Are your study materials and notes physical copies or digital ones?
  • Are you a visual, audio or kinesthetics learner?
  • Do you have someone to help when you don’t understand any topics?
#2: What do you want to achieve?
Everyone’s time is limited to 24 hours a day. We can’t do everything that we want so it’s best to set goals and prioritise them this June. When you know what you want to achieve, you can set mini goals along the way to help you achieve it. For example, Andy wants to get to an engineering course in university. He is currently struggling with his H2 Physics and Maths and doing partially okay for his other subjects. This holiday, he could focus on his weaker topics by allocating more study time for Physics and Maths and lesser time revise his other subjects.  

#3: Set intentional breaks and rests
Aside from the quality of sleep at the end of the day, it is also important to schedule for regular breaks between study blocks for your mind to absorb what was just learnt and prepare you for the next study block. Read more about it in our previous blog, “Supercharge Your Study Routine: Unleash the Power of Breaks, Positivity, and Fun”  

#4: Utilising pockets of time
All of us would need to eat and we could also be travelling around. There could be short burst of time that we are waiting for our food, bus or even friends to arrive. These may be short but accumulatively, it is a lot of time. You can utilise them to rest or to study. KTA has a Learning Management System (LMS) that is free for all students to use. Students can conveniently listen and watch our Physics videos by topic as they travel.

If you are planning to travel abroad, you can even utilise our LMS digital resources for topical notes, videos, and practice questions to save some luggage space.  

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