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Our tuition classes are designed to help A Maths students in Singapore realise their full potential. Our experienced Maths tutor follows a set of concise and structured lesson materials to ensure that each student is well-equipped with the necessary knowledge to confidently tackle the A Maths syllabus. Moreover, we provide comprehensive lessons for both Sec 3 and Sec 4, ensuring that the students gain the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for tackling examinations including the ‘O’ Levels at the end of Sec 4. Our comprehensive learning solutions are tailored to meet their needs, helping them improve their score with our conceptual teaching methods.

Why Does Your Child Need A Maths Tuition?

Students need to invest a significant amount of effort and dedication in order to succeed in Additional Maths (A Maths). Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry are the three main branches that students taking Additional Maths need to master in order to excel. Hence, it is important for them to have an understanding of each of these topics and be able to apply the various principles and techniques learnt when answering questions in exams. Furthermore compared to the E Maths syllabus, A Maths requires a higher level of critical thinking which can be challenging for students to confidently master and apply.

This is where our A Maths tuition classes help! Our A Maths tutor is well-equipped and experienced enough to provide the necessary guidance and support needed in mastering the A Maths syllabus. Your child will also benefit from engaging in one-on-one sessions that will help to clear up any doubts or questions they may have on a daily basis.

A Maths Tuition Schedules

There are multiple time slots available for A Maths tuition at our centre:

  • Saturday 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
  • Saturday 3:45 PM – 5:15 PM
  • Sunday 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Sunday 12:45 PM – 2:15 PM

A Maths Sec 3 and Sec 4 Tuition Lesson Plans

Our A Maths tuition encompasses the Sec 3 and 4 syllabuses, aiming to equip students with the necessary skills to excel in their annual assessments and also the ‘O’ Level examinations by the end of Sec 4.

Secondary 3 Lesson Plan

1.1: Solving Quadratic Equations By Completing The Square 

1.2: Solving Quadratic Equations Using Formula 

1.3: Solving Fractional Equations Reducible To Quadratic Equations 

1.4: Sketching Graphs of Quadratic Functions and Solving Quadratic Equations By Graphical Method

  • Plotting of Quadratic Graphs
  • Using of Curve Rulers

1.5: Applications of Quadratic Equations and Functions In Real-World Context

2.1: Solving Simultaneous Linear Inequalities

  • Presenting Answers on Number Line

2.2: Solving Problems Involving Simultaneous Linear Inequalities 

3.1: Laws of Indices 3.2: Zero and Negative Indices 3.3: Rational Indices 3.4: Compound Interest
  • Recap on Simple Interest
3.5: Standard Form

4.1: Length of a Line Segment 

4.2: Gradient of a Straight Line 

4.3: Equation of A Straight Line 

5.1: Graphs of Cubic Functions 

5.2: Graphs of Reciprocal Functions 

5.3: Graphs of Exponential Functions 

5.4: Gradient of a Curve

  • Drawing of Tangents

5.5: Applications of Graphs In Real-World Contexts 

6.1: Sine and Cosine of Obtuse Angles 

6.2: Area of Triangle 

6.3: Sine Rule 

6.4: Cosine Rule 

7.1: Angles of Elevation and Depression 

7.2: Bearings 

7.3: Three-Dimensional Problems 

8.1: Arc Length and Area of Sector 

8.2: Arc Length and Sector Area Using Radian Measure 

9.1: Bisectors and Scale Drawings 

9.2: Congruence Tests 

9.3: Similarity Tests 

9.4: Applications of Congruent and Similar Triangles 

10.1: Area of Similar Figures 

10.2: Volume of Similar Solids 

10.3: Solving Problems Involving Similar Solids 

11.1: Symmetric Properties of Circles 

11.2: Angle Properties of Circles

Common Challenges Faced By Students With Additional Mathematics

For ‘O’ Level students, taking up Additional Maths (A Maths) is an important milestone as it introduces complex and sophisticated concepts they would not have encountered before. Additionally, they still have to study for their E Maths classes, leading to many students feeling the pressure to excel in both E and A Maths.


Furthermore, students might experience anxiety and mental blocks when facing high-stakes examinations such as the ‘O’ Level exam. This can be a result of not being able to recall all the information learned in school, despite doing well in class tests. 


At our tuition classes, our tutors ensure that the students prepare effectively for these exams by thoroughly understanding the different topics of A Maths and practising exam papers. Moreover, the students also develop examination-taking skills and learn effective exam strategies that help them manage the time crunch in the exam and overcome their mental blocks.

Why Choose Knowledge Tap Academy for A Maths Tuition?

1. Teaching Method

A Maths can be challenging and uninteresting for some students. Hence, it is important to follow a conceptual teaching approach where the basic fundamental principles underlying each mathematical concept should be explained. Our A Maths tuition classes aim to establish a solid mathematical foundation that meets the academic standards and difficulty of the Additional Mathematics syllabus.

2. Constant Practice

Continuous and sufficient practice of the Additional Mathematics syllabus is a highly effective way to consolidate concepts and rectify any misconceptions. By practising consistently, students can improve their problem-solving skills, gain confidence and eventually develop the ability to solve problems independently. At our A Maths tuition classes, we emphasise the importance of regular practice, as it helps students to better comprehend and apply the concepts learned.

3. Real-Time Learning

For A Maths, it is essential for students to receive prompt assistance and support as they encounter challenging concepts and problems. Real-time learning offers students the opportunity to clarify their doubts and misunderstandings immediately, rather than having to wait for the next tuition session. We strongly advocate for real-time learning. With the help of our fully integrated learning management system, students can receive prompt answers to their questions and learn key concepts without having to wait for longer. By leveraging technology, we provide on-demand access to concepts and solutions, enabling students to receive help whenever they require it.

What to Expect at Our A Maths Tuition Classes?

1. Face-to-Face Lectures

In our face-to-face tuition sessions for Advanced Mathematics (A Maths), students can look forward to a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the O Level Mathematics syllabus. Group lectures are conducted, with each lesson designed to highlight the most important concepts for students. Our experienced tutor works closely with students to ensure that everyone is able to grasp the basics and eventually the complex topics.

2. Learning Management System

Our comprehensive, fully-integrated Learning Management System called "The Knowledge Tap" is designed to provide students with a seamless learning experience that includes online, structured lessons in Secondary Maths organised by topic. A Maths students get access to assessments and video solutions to help them gauge their overall performance. They also receive an individual assessment benchmark report so that they can track their progress. They can also ask on-demand questions and receive customised video solutions within 24 hours. Our learning management system provides students with a robust and flexible learning experience that supports their individual learning goals and helps them achieve academic success.

3. On-Site Consultations

During on-site consultations, our highly experienced and knowledgeable Chief Mathematics Tutor (depending on tutor’s availability), Bevie Wee, provides students with tailored support and advice. These sessions allow students to seek clarifications and answers to their questions in a one-on-one setting. With her help, students can be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to ace their ‘O’ Level exams.

Excel in A Maths with Knowledge Tap Academy

Looking for a way to level up your Maths skills? Knowledge Tap Academy is the perfect place in Singapore! We are committed to providing equal educational opportunities to all students seeking academic assistance through tuition, regardless of their existing grades or current abilities. Our approach is to understand each student’s learning goals, harness their potential, and provide a nurturing environment that supports them in achieving their academic milestones.


We understand that different students have different learning styles and strengths. That’s why our Maths tutor breaks down complex topics into manageable chunks. We believe that the best way to learn is by having a firm grasp of the basics first. Our approach makes it easier for students to understand difficult concepts quickly.


In addition to A Maths tuition classes, our centre also offers Sec 1 and Sec 2 Maths tuition as well as E Maths tuition classes for secondary school students in Singapore.

So why wait? Join the Knowledge Tap Academy and see the difference in your child’s Maths score! Contact us today to book an appointment.

Expanding Students' Mathematical Knowledge Through A Maths Tuition

1. Develops Problem-Solving Skills

Advanced Mathematics is a concept-based subject, which means that understanding the concepts and their correct applications in the problems are crucial for success in the exams. In order to properly evaluate a question, students must understand the requirements and apply the relevant Mathematical concept or formula to come up with the right answer.

With the help of our tutor, A Maths students benefit from honing their problem-solving and examination-taking skills. Our tutors understand the struggle students face when tackling A Maths questions. Hence, they focus on improving their weaknesses by making them practise several similar questions in the tuition classes. This aids them greatly during their final exams as they will have an edge over the other students.

2. Learn Effective Exam Strategies

A Maths requires practice and dedication in order to excel, and our experienced tutor understands this. Hence, to ensure you don't lose touch with the subject, they guide you through the practice sessions during the tuition classes and also provide additional help when required. The tutor will also encourage you to take up practice questions to ensure that you are able to master the concepts. This will also include solving the past A Maths papers as part of their preparation strategy.

Doing so will give them the opportunity to apply what they have learned and test themselves. Additionally, it can help them develop effective exam strategies, such as how to allocate their time efficiently between all their questions or how to apply concepts more effectively. This will eventually help them manage their time better during the actual examination.

Our Expert Tutor for A Maths

Bevie Wee

Bevie is a highly experienced tutor with over nine years of experience teaching, guiding, and fostering long-term relationships with students from diverse backgrounds. Throughout her career, she has helped several students realise their full potential. Her area of expertise lies in teaching ‘O’ Levels , E and A Maths students in her tuition classes, integrating intricate complex concepts related to life and social skills into the curriculum. At Knowledge Tap Academy in Singapore, Bevie advocates for the provision of high-quality education that is accessible to everyone who requires it. She is dedicated to fostering a classroom atmosphere that is both stimulating and supportive for her students.

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