E Maths Tuition in Singapore

E Maths Tuition in Singapore

For secondary school students in Singapore who want to improve on their E Maths classes, Knowledge Tap Academy is the ideal maths tutoring facility for E Maths tuition. Our E Maths tutoring programs are designed to ensure your success in E Maths exams and the ’O’ Level exams. As they work through each lesson and exercise in our curriculum, our students will develop the content knowledge, critical thinking, problem-solving, and lateral thinking skills required to excel in their E Maths exams.

The Importance of E Maths Tuition for Secondary School Students

All students enrolling in Secondary 3 and working towards the ‘O’ Levels are required to take E Maths, making it an important subject that could help determine your child’s academic future. There are three core areas of mathematics covered in the E Maths syllabus: numbers and algebra, geometry and measurement, and statistics and probability. Apart from content knowledge regarding these important topics, students will be required to use critical thinking, concept application, and logical reasoning during their E Maths assessments.


Here at Knowledge Tap, we firmly believe in meeting your child’s learning needs through specialised learning designed to help them master E Maths. You can place your trust in our committed tutors to ensure your child starts excelling in E Maths today.

Topics Covered in Knowledge Tap’s E Maths Tuition

Our E Maths tuition is specifically designed to cover MOE’s Sec 3 and Sec 4 E Maths syllabuses.

Secondary 3 Lesson Plan

1.1: Solving Quadratic Equations By Completing The Square 

1.2: Solving Quadratic Equations Using Formula 

1.3: Solving Fractional Equations Reducible To Quadratic Equations 

1.4: Sketching Graphs of Quadratic Functions and Solving Quadratic Equations By Graphical Method

  • Plotting of Quadratic Graphs
  • Using of Curve Rulers

1.5: Applications of Quadratic Equations and Functions In Real-World Context

2.1: Solving Simultaneous Linear Inequalities

  • Presenting Answers on Number Line

2.2: Solving Problems Involving Simultaneous Linear Inequalities 

3.1: Laws of Indices 3.2: Zero and Negative Indices 3.3: Rational Indices 3.4: Compound Interest
  • Recap on Simple Interest
3.5: Standard Form

4.1: Length of a Line Segment 

4.2: Gradient of a Straight Line 

4.3: Equation of A Straight Line 

5.1: Graphs of Cubic Functions 

5.2: Graphs of Reciprocal Functions 

5.3: Graphs of Exponential Functions 

5.4: Gradient of a Curve

  • Drawing of Tangents

5.5: Applications of Graphs In Real-World Contexts 

6.1: Sine and Cosine of Obtuse Angles 

6.2: Area of Triangle 

6.3: Sine Rule 

6.4: Cosine Rule 

7.1: Angles of Elevation and Depression 

7.2: Bearings 

7.3: Three-Dimensional Problems 

8.1: Arc Length and Area of Sector 

8.2: Arc Length and Sector Area Using Radian Measure 

9.1: Bisectors and Scale Drawings 

9.2: Congruence Tests 

9.3: Similarity Tests 

9.4: Applications of Congruent and Similar Triangles 

10.1: Area of Similar Figures 

10.2: Volume of Similar Solids 

10.3: Solving Problems Involving Similar Solids 

11.1: Symmetric Properties of Circles 

11.2: Angle Properties of Circles

Challenges of E Maths Tuition

Elementary Maths (E Maths) is a mandatory subject taught to all students in Sec 3 and above who are taking their ‘O’ Level exams. The E Maths syllabus is designed to allow students to learn fundamental mathematical concepts, as well as helping to develop important skills like logical reasoning and problem solving. However, some students may find the concepts too tough to grasp or the pacing of the lessons too demanding. When faced with such a stressful situation, students may resort to purely memorising the formulas taught in E Maths without gaining thorough comprehension of the topics and its core concepts. This is only a temporary solution that could lead to a less-than-satisfactory score in their ‘O’ Level exams.

This is why at Knowledge Tap Academy’s E Maths tuition, we ensure that students gain a full understanding of every topic covered through our simplified teaching methods. We also teach our students valuable tips regarding exam-taking, such as how to handle time constraints, to allow them to perform to their full capacity during exams.

Why Choose Knowledge Tap Academy?

At Knowledge Tap Academy, we are committed to providing exceptional educational assistance to all students seeking to improve their academics. We treat students with equal care and respect regardless of their current academic capabilities, and we strive to create a supportive learning environment that helps them reach their academic milestones. Our approach also seeks to break down and simplify concepts to align with each student’s unique learning objectives, allowing them to maximise their potential.


Our ‘O’ Level Maths tutors are experts in the subject and are all committed to creating a stimulating and encouraging classroom environment. They have an impressive tutoring background and have built long-lasting relationships with their students over the years. By enrolling your child in our E Maths tuition class, you may rest assured that they will be in very capable hands.


Aside from E Maths, we also offer A Maths tuition and private Physics tuition for students looking to further improve their academic standings.

What to Expect From Our E Maths Tuition?

Face-to-Face Lectures

Students can expect to gain a thorough and in-depth understanding of the E Maths syllabus in our face-to-face coaching sessions. Each lecture is intended to emphasise the key ideas for the students and is delivered in a group setting to facilitate learning through different perspectives. To guarantee a complete understanding of the fundamentals, our ‘O’ Level Maths tutors work directly with the students to gain a better understanding of their individual learning objectives, before adjusting their teaching style accordingly.

On-Site Consultations

Our Chief Mathematics Tutor, Bevie Wee, offers students guidance and advice based on their individual learning situations during on-site consultations. Bevie is a highly qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable tutor who strives to give her E Maths tuition students the chance to ask questions, get proper responses, and gain the confidence they need to ace their ‘O’ Level exams.

Reinforcing Students' Math Knowledge
Through E Maths Tuition

Gaining a good foundation in E Maths is critical to ensuring your child gets the ‘O’ Level grades they’ve been working towards, which will then enable them to enrol in their pre-university course of choice. However, there is no one right way to learn maths. A method that is successful for some students may not have the same level of effect for others.

Here at Knowledge Tap Academy’s E Maths tuition, we acknowledge the individual capabilities and learning potential of students. We believe that by tapping into each student’s learning preference, we can achieve an educational environment fully conducive to academic improvement. With the use of our Learning Management System, we also enhance the overall learning experience by immersing the students in a full digital learning environment to supplement physical learning, thus creating a simpler, more interactive learning process. Feel free to contact us and get your child started on their journey towards improving their maths skills.

Our Expert Tutors

Bevie Wee

Bevie has been a tutor for more than nine years, during which she has worked with numerous students from all types of backgrounds to help them reach their full potential by teaching, advising, and developing long-lasting learning connections with them. She specialises in teaching ‘O’ Level, E, and A Maths tuition students and has a tremendous interest in integrating challenging ideas into the curriculum that connect to social and life skills.

Bevie is a firm believer that education should be provided at the highest standard and must be available to anyone who needs it. She is dedicated to fostering an environment in the classroom that is stimulating, supportive, and filled with learning opportunities. She is dedicated to making sure that every child's learning preferences and skills are taken into account by offering customised solutions for those that need them.

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