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Knowledge Tap Academy’s dedicated and experienced tutors simplify concepts to ensure deep understanding of topics in Physics with strong foundations set for all our students.

Our unique delivery is a union of digital learning and face-to-face lectures, allowing students to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

What to Expect from Physics Tuition Classes?

Weekly face-to-face lectures at our beautiful city campus or online lectures that caters to interactive learning with strong focus on driving key Physics concepts.
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Learning Management System

Fully Integrated Learning Management System (The Knowledge Tap) that provides:

  • Online Structured JC Physics Tuition Lessons by Topics
  • Assessments and Video Solutions
  • Overall Assessment Performance
  • Individual Assessment Benchmark Report (A Comparative Report Among Your Peers)
  • On-Demand Questions and Customized Video Solutions within 24 hours

Unlimited On-site Consultations

Ask questions and get clarifications in person with our Chief Physics Tutor on-site at -Burlington Square (Subject to Tutor’s Availability).
Unlimited On-site Consultations

We can’t emphasize more on the importance of both face to face and online learning in Physics Classes.

Our resolution in combining both traditional classroom lectures with online learning, tutorials and assessments allow us to stay ahead of other tuition centres by bringing learning to the next level.

Why Knowledge Tap Academy’s for Physics Tuition in Singapore?

Knowledge Tap Academy Equal Education

Equal Education

We believe that knowledge is like water, where it flows over time and is shared with all who need it.
The stubborn focus on equal education means we do not discriminate students based on current abilities, but harness untapped potential from any individual that walks through our doors.
Knowledge Tap Academy Simplified Learning

Simplified Learning

We believe that concepts need to be broken down and simplified so as to lead to better understanding and laying the correct foundations.

Our determined Physics tutor in Singapore ensures that tough subject matter concepts are stripped down and made simple with no students walking out with questions unanswered.

Knowledge Tap Academy online physics tuition Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Learning Anytime, Anywhere

We believe in real-time learning, where one does not need to wait up to a week to get their questions answered and to learn key concepts.
Our resolute belief in tapping on technology allows us to deliver concepts and answer questions whenever our students need it, without the need to wait for the next tuition session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Knowledge Tap, we offer physics tuition for various levels, including






You can learn various subjects in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. 


For more information, query or concern, contact us.

We offer physics tuition in Singapore in 2 ways.

       in-person at our center; for those who need dedicated personal attention

       online sessions for those who prefer remote learning 

Both options provide interactive and personalized teaching and learning experiences.

Absolutely. We have Singapore’s best physics tutors for exam preparation. To help you score well in physics exams, we will provide you with 

       practice tests

       exam strategies

       focused revision sessions

Call +65 8862 4735 and register today.

To register for physics tuition in Singapore, visit the Knowledge Tap site. You can also call us at +65 8862 4735. Our dedicated team will assist you in regard to the new batch admission. 

  • Weekly Face to Face Lectures at our City Campus with our Chief Physics Tutor
  • Online Lectures with Our Chief Physics Tutor

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