Private Physics Tuition: How Parents can Support their Child

Private Physics Tuition How Parents can Support their Child

Physics is one of the toughest subjects at A Levels and is a subject that many JC students in Singapore often struggle with. The complex formulas and even more complicated mastery of application needed to excel in Physics can trip up even the most confident and academically strong students.

For many students struggling with Physics, the simple solution is to enroll in a Physics tuition class. This enables them to tackle difficult Physics problems in a group setting, or to get their questions answered by expert Physics tutors.

However for some, group classes are not as effective as 1-on-1 private Physics tuition with a Physics tutor. For some students being in a private setting is most conducive to their natural learning style and enables them to fully focus on their work as compared to a group or classroom setting.

If your child is taking classes with a private Physics tutor, here’s how you as a parent can help foster an encouraging environment to help them excel:

1. Create a conducive home environment for learning

Most private Physics tuition classes take place in the student’s own home for the student’s comfort, convenience, and safety. This makes it all the more important that you create a home environment where your child can fully focus during their Physics tutoring sessions. This can include:

  • Setting up a dedicated room or study area for your child’s Physics tutoring classes
  • Removing potential distractions such as books, electronics, or smartphones
  • Providing a tray of snacks and refreshments to discourage your child from getting up to wander to the fridge
  • Agreeing with your child to be device-free during their tutoring sessions, unless in case of an emergency

2. Motivate and encourage your child consistently

Just because your JC child is now having private Physics tuition does not mean that they will immediately see a change in their grades or results. They might feel embarrassment if their grades do not improve, and may even not want to confide in you about their progress.

As parents it is important to recognise your child’s effort and respect their privacy. Remember that they too might be feeling upset or devastated if tuition doesn’t seem to be helping; criticising them without knowing the full picture can lead to them becoming more withdrawn or angry.

Motivate and encourage your child’s efforts, rather than focusing only on their grades as an end goal. At the end of the day your child’s mental well-being and emotional health are just as important as their grades.

3. Trust and respect the tutor’s decisions

As a parent it will feel natural to want to keep track of your child’s progress, and you might even feel that the tutor you engage for private Physics tuition is not doing enough to help your child.

However it’s important to trust and respect the tutor’s decisions that they are doing what suits your child’s learning style best. Private tutors also want the best outcomes for their tutees, and are doing their best to ensure that their tutees get the grades and improvement they are striving for.

4. Work together with the tutor

Ultimately as a parent, it is up to you to work in partnership with the private Physics tutor to help your child succeed.

If you have questions about the tuition, bring it up in private when your child isn’t around. This helps to avoid causing your child embarrassment or stress, and also gives the tutor a chance to discuss what they know of your child’s learning style. This can help you make changes around the house or to your child’s schedule to help them learn best.

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