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About Knowledge Tap Academy

Knowledge Tap Academy was founded in 2013 by Alwyn Leow. The academy has since had its core philosophy grounded in equal education, simplified learning and learning anytime and anywhere.

We strongly believe that everyone has a right to equal education when it comes to getting the assistance they need through tuition. Here at Knowledge Tap Academy, we accept students regardless of their existing grades and their current abilities. We seek to understand their personal learning goals, harness their potential and nurture them towards achieving those milestones.

We take it one step at a time to build strong foundations. We ensure that concepts are broken down through simplified learning. This instils confidence in our students as their fundamentals are secure and encourages them as they learn the more advanced topics that builds upon the foundations.

With the ever evolving technology of our times, we recognise the need to adapt to the changing landscape of education. By tapping into technology, we equip our students with the ability to learn anytime, anywhere and at their own pace. Gone are the days when students had to wait for their school or tuition classes before getting their questions answered. Our tuition lectures and products are available online and at our student’s disposal. Students can even send in their questions through Solutions on Demand and get a customised video solution within 24 hours!

Chief Physics Tutor​

Alwyn is a tutor with more than 12 years experience. He has taught, guided and built lasting relationships with more than 300 students from all walks of life achieve their full potential over the years. He teaches O-Level, A-Level, IP and IB students various subjects in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. He has a passion for teaching and specialising in A-Level Physics.


He is the author of the A-Level revision guide “Physics in Minutes”. Some of his students who used the revision guide scored As in the 2019.


In establishing the Knowledge Tap Academy, Alwyn believes that consultation should be of high quality, and made accessible to everyone who needs it. Just like water, the Academy aims to provide consultation and solutions to those who need it, when they need it, and in just the right amount.

Alwyn Leow

Physics in Minutes​​

An effective revision guide covering both H1 and H2 syllabi, this is a must-have handy guide for Junior College students. It contains essential concepts, common misconceptions, and useful memory devices for greater knowledge retention. Examination-type practice questions and worked solutions are also included to help students achieve better scores. Time to make the most of your revision! The revision guide is published by Marshall Cavendish Education and is also available at the National Libraries.

our Learning Environment

Our Learning Management System, The Knowledge Tap

Knowledge Tap Academy believes in using technology to enhance learning. As such, we have committed our resources to develop a full digital learning environment which aims to supplement students’ physical learning environment to allow them real time learning anywhere, anytime.
To make online learning simpler and fuss-free, the platform is a one-stop solution where students can access other functions such as timetables, scheduling make-up classes, submitting assignments, taking assessments and quizzes, etc.


Our campus has state-of the art technology and is equipped for flexible learning environments.

The equipment available includes a digital smart board with capabilities for integration in class where our tutors can use it as a whiteboard, display real-time student results or showcase solutions. The smart board also permits online integration where it captures our tutors’ written solutions as they go through concepts and questions with the class digitally.

The flexible learning environment provides tutors the option for different class set-ups. For instance, to facilitate discussion based classes, the tables and chairs can be moved into a circle.


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