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Admission and Student Support


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Admission and Administration

No. We believe in equal education and unlike some Tuition Centres that categorizes students, we treat all students equally and believe that we will be able to assist in building the correct foundations.

Yes. We’re confident that you will find our lessons useful. You are welcome to come for a Trial Class. Do sign up at this link.
Fill up the Registration Form at this link and our Student Experience Ambassadors will be in contact with you!

We do not charge any deposit and registration fee.

Do not worry. Regardless of whether you sign up for Face to Face Lectures, Online Lectures or Private Lessons, all previously released materials, assessments and video solutions would be available for you. In addition, the Solutions on Demand feature on our Learning Management System allows you to get your questions answered with customised video solutions anytime, anywhere within 24 hours.

Yes you can. Do contact us to find out more about the schedule and how we can assist you in catching up with the previously covered topics.

All our Fees are billed on a termly basis – 3 terms a year. Each term is different in duration. Speak to our Service Ambassadors to find out more about the Academic Calendar and duration of each term.

As a strong advocate of Technology, the Knowledge Tap Academy only accepts cashless payments. We currently accept both Bank Transfers and PayNow. Please refer to your invoice (that will be emailed to you) for payment details.


To ensure that our Tutors can cater to the individualized needs of our students, our Lectures would be capped at no more than 20 students per class.

Yes. However, do note that make-up/replacement classes should be arranged within the same week that lectures/ class would be missed. This is because our lectures differ topically from week to week. Preferably, if students know that they will miss their lecture/class due to other commitments, they should make the necessary arrangements for their make-up/replacement lecture/class in advance to ensure a slot as it is subject to availability. You can contact our Student Experience Ambassadors at this link

No. Fees are payable based on scheduled lectures/classes and not attended lectures/classes. We do however have an option for make-up classes. Alternatively, you can access the materials in our Learning Management System (i.e. The Knowledge Tap) and also request for customized video solutions through the platform. Tutors are also available after each week’s lectures for consultations if needed.

Learning Management System (The Knowledge Tap)

The Knowledge Tap is our very own Learning Management System where all our materials, assessments, forums and video solutions are uploaded for our students to access them at their convenience.

You can contact our student experience ambassadors at this link and they will gladly assist your queries through the live chat functions. In the event that there is no available Service Ambassadors online, do leave a note and they would contact you within 24 hours.

Anything else?

You can contact our Service Ambassadors at this link and they will gladly assist your queries through the live chat functions. In the event that there is no available student experience ambassadors online, do leave a note and they would contact you within 24 hours.