Private Lessons




Private Lessons

Our private one-to-one tuition lessons place special emphasis in strengthening students’ foundations of key Physics concepts.

On-Site Consultations

Seek clarifications and answers to your questions in person with our Chief Physics Tutor on the spot at our centre (subjected to tutor’s availability).

Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Online Structured A-Level Physics Lessons by Topic
  • Unlimited Practice Through Assessment Questions With Video Solutions
  • Overall Assessment Performance
  • Individual Assessment Benchmark Report (comparison against your peers)
  • Unlimited Solutions on Demand – Questions and Customised Video Solutions within 24 hours

Private Physics Tuition Lessons

Suitable for

  • Students who wish for more flexibility in their schedule
  • Students who prefer more individual attention

Students are free to choose between one-to-one or small study groups, whichever they are comfortable with. Our lesson plans will be customised to better cater to our students comfort level and lesson needs.

All private lessons will come with a 0.5 hour weekly video consultation and an unlimited consultations.

All private Physics tuition lessons will be personally conducted by Alwyn, Knowledge Tap Academy’s very own founder. Equipped with over 12 years of teaching more than 300 students, Alwyn has successfully taught and guided his students to realise their fullest potential. His teaching methodology entails spending time understanding his student’s weaknesses and areas of improvement, before discussing with the student to curate a lesson plan that will best help them achieve their goals.

That being said, we believe that no man is an island – especially in learning. As such, we strongly encourage our students to learn with friends that pose similar difficulties. In a small group setting of no more than four students, students are able to strike a good balance between customised learning and active learning where you can engage with co-learners in meaningful discussions, effectively making the session much more engaging and effective.

Setting Your Private Physics Lesson Schedule

We will discuss and fix the class schedule for your private tuition classes upon registration! Don’t see an available slot to enrol in? Let our dedicated team find one for both you and your friends.

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